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Wilson Juice and Steam Tennis Racquet Reviews

Have you heard about the new line of Wilson tennis racquets coming out for 2012? Check out these two tennis racquet reviews and see if they are right for you.


Tennis Ball Machines are a Surprisingly Great Tennis Gift

Getting the right gift for a tennis player is not always an easy thing to do. A creative and long lasting gift for any devoted tennis player is the tennis ball machine.

Any tennis player serious about their game may (hopefully) already have the tennis racquet of their dreams, they probably have a good reliable tennis bag and hopefully have replaced their tennis shoes in the last six months. So if all those things are covered, what gift is the best gift for your tennis player?

How about something that can help their game like no other piece of tennis equipment can, what about getting them a tennis ball machine?

Christmas gifts

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I came across this tennis blog about a woman who’s friend wanted a tennis ball machine for her birthday. This woman wanted a very specific (and very pricey, but well-worth-it machine) but there are tennis ball machines for every skill level and every budget.

From the super small and portable Tennis Twist (one of my favorites) to the Mercedes-Benze-of-ball-machines Playmate Genie.

I wish someone would get me a tennis ball machine for Christmas. Did I mention I love the Twist?

New Balance, Asics and Prince tennis shoe review

Tennis Leg

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One would think that a website named Tennis Elbow Pain would have a narrow focus. But this site has continually popped up during tennis shoe research. There are several great articles shared on this site (one of my own included) about tennis shoes.

This Buyers Guide to Women’s Tennis Shoe doesn’t include many facts but is a quick read and looks at three different types of women’s tennis shoes: New Balance, Asics and Prince.

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Junior tennis shoes are a techno-worthy investment

Tennis players wear Tennis shoes for foot fatigue prevention, lateral stability during fast footwork and tennis specific technological advantages like propulsion plates and TPU shanks. Not just any shoe can perform on the court and serious players know this.
Those same advantages should be shared with junior players and several companies have their top-selling shoes, jam packed with tennis shoe technology, available in youth sizes.
The Babolat Propulse 3 Jr tennis shoe features the same Cell Shield upper outsole that makes the adult version ready to go right out of the box. The bottom Michelin OCS outsole offers superior traction and durability, something junior players need as much, if not more than their adult counterparts. The Kompressor System ensures heel comfort and support, absorbing harmful vibrations and preventing injury. A three-point Foot Belt precision strap system guarantees a custom fit, preventing shifting and sliding within the shoe, which can cause serious injury.
The Babolat Propulse 3 is just one example of the type of technological advantages that can keep your junior player on the court, away from the podiatrist and at the top of their class.

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