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Did Kenny Powers sink K-Swiss?

Danny McBride aka Kenny Powers

Image by Lynt via Flickr

If you haven’t seen the recent Kenny Powers uncensored viral K-Swiss Tube commercials, first come out of your cave, second evacuate all children or sensitive adults from the area and then click here.

After you have caught up with the 1 million people who have already seen this video, check out this alternate K-Swiss website. It is all Powers and all in your face.

But the question still remains, has this been successful? Is all of the money spent on this type of campaign worth the risk?

Here is the thinking part: Check out this Associated Press article released after K-Swiss announced a $20 million loss for this fiscal quarter.

Some analysts think this is a huge risk and some think it has already made an improvement. I want to know what you think?

___Enough articles to prove how big this thing has the potential to be___

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