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Li Na

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China’s own, Li Na won the women’s French Open title and as China’s first Grand Slam tennis champion, she has stepped into the shoes of a role model. 

Immediately upon her win, comments about China’s loss at her win spread like wild fire on social media sites. Now, her win is being chalked up to China’s reformed sports programs and their role in her victory. Either way, Nike is ecstatic and has doubled their campaigning efforts towards Na’s home country.

Li Na broke away from the Chinese Tennis Federation in 2008, when she took the opportunity to “Fly Solo.” She steadily and consistently rose in rankings since then and so has the country’s interest in the sport. 

The Women’s Tennis Association reported that 116 million Chinese watched the French Open. 

“For Nike it’s a unique occasion to celebrate this amazing athlete. She has been with Nike for quite a long time, and she embodies the Nike Just Do It attitude. For that we want to congratulate her for her win. She is the first Chinese tennis women to win a Grand Slam tournament, in Paris.” 

The Nike spokesperson had this to say after Li Na autographed a stack of pictures, and at least one tennis ball, at the Nike store after her win. The following interview is enough to inspire anyone to grab up a racquet and aim for the next French Open title.

“If you have a goal, never give up,” ~ Li Na.\

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