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Tennis Ball Machines are a Surprisingly Great Tennis Gift

Getting the right gift for a tennis player is not always an easy thing to do. A creative and long lasting gift for any devoted tennis player is the tennis ball machine.

Any tennis player serious about their game may (hopefully) already have the tennis racquet of their dreams, they probably have a good reliable tennis bag and hopefully have replaced their tennis shoes in the last six months. So if all those things are covered, what gift is the best gift for your tennis player?

How about something that can help their game like no other piece of tennis equipment can, what about getting them a tennis ball machine?

Christmas gifts

Image via Wikipedia

I came across this tennis blog about a woman who’s friend wanted a tennis ball machine for her birthday. This woman wanted a very specific (and very pricey, but well-worth-it machine) but there are tennis ball machines for every skill level and every budget.

From the super small and portable Tennis Twist (one of my favorites) to the Mercedes-Benze-of-ball-machines Playmate Genie.

I wish someone would get me a tennis ball machine for Christmas. Did I mention I love the Twist?


Behind the scenes with the stringing team

Straight from the U.S. Open, a behind the scenes look at the Wilson stringing room. With a quick glimps of the new high tech Bairdo tennis stringing machines.

Thinking of building your own tennis court?

Tennis court with dimensions

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Doing it right the first time is not just a catchy phrase, there is wisdom in those words that should be heeded, especially if you should decide to undertake a project as involved (and as long term) as building your own private tennis court.

Here is a quick read that brings up a few points to consider before breaking ground.

Just to highlight a few points mentioned:
– know what you want
– how many courts
– what type of surface
– all year or seasonal use
– position in relation to the rising and setting sun

These are all very good points and when taken into consideration, with the help of a contracted professional, spell out the recipe for a stellar court.

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Understanding the basics: The many different types of tennis courts

Wimbledon 2009: Centre Court panorama

Image by E01 via Flickr

With the most prestigious court in play right now, and considering the rain and moisture the Wimbledon competitors are facing, one is inclined to stop and wonder about the different types of tennis court surfaces and their inherent challenges and advantages.


Understanding the tennis court is the first step in understanding the game of tennis. This great site breaks it down and explains why some courts are slow and some are fast. 

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