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Whak Sak Suites Any Funky Style

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Guest post by Celia Taghdiri

Whak-Sak tennis bags are just plain fun! One of my girlfriends, who happens to be an avid tennis player, always steps out of the box when it comes to fashion. For her birthday, I wanted to get her something different that appealed to her fashion sense. I walked into a tennis retail shop and noticed a bright orange croc tennis bag. It was so bright, it screamed at me. Although the neon color was not to my liking, I was certain it was the perfect match for my friend. For the life of me, I had no clue what Whak Sak was but as I rummaged through the tote bag, I saw how nice and spacious it was. The Tote holds up to four racquets along with all other athletic gear. With adjustable straps, the tote can be customized for a most comfortable fit. With storage pockets on the front and back, this bag is ideal for travel, laptop, or even a stylish baby/diaper bag. It even has a nice detachable and insulated cooler for players to pack their favorite beverages.

These tennis bags are suitable for any female athlete, not just tennis playing gals. It redefines “the carry-all bag.” There is enough space for a change of clothing, keys, cell phone, more than one racquet and possibly, even a pair of shoes.  I noticed other tennis bags by the same maker had various styles such as striped fabric and feminine-pleasing colors.  However, the bags are also available in the traditional colors for players who seek bags with more conservative styles.  But at the end of the day, we girls just wanna have fun!

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Wimbledon White tennis bags


I seem to be stuck on this topic of the Wimbledon white. I tweeted about my musings and got several replies about the tradition of the tournament. That seems to be where I am getting caught up, show of tradition.


Tradition is a strange beast. On one hand it is the stubborn old dog that refuses to learn new tricks, and in this sense should be abhorred and abolished. But on the other hand, Tradition is the pure white hare, traveling down the rabbit’s hole of our memories, keeping them alive.


I am starting to see the Wimbledon as the latter, this throw back to the 18th century, this tribute to the purity of the sport and this clinging on to simpler times when the game slower and more of a graceful display.


Now technology has made tennis a faster and harder sport, as evidenced in the female trend of grunting and yelping during matches. And as a child of this generation, I am thrilled by the new advancements and lap up the technical specs as fast as the new racquets come out.


I am encouraged by the feminine movement for more than just fashion apparel. I love watching both the men and the women sport new lines of clothing and smartly combined colors. I say bring on the new era of tennis where the equipment is as competitive as the athletes.


Then … Wimbledon. Grass and white.


Grass I can understand as a true test of skill. The ball bounces softer and the players have to move faster. The cream really rises to the top on a court made of grass, even though the upkeep is horrendous and the rain days are hard to endure.


The all white clothing is what catches my attention. I did some research and found a few great articles that discuss the tradition of Wimbledon. And that is when I also saw the all white, Limited edition Head tennis bag carried by Andy Murray.


Ok, that hit my soft spot. Now I see how this game of white can fold so neatly into my competitive nature. Or is it just the combination of a novelty tennis bag and my favorite player. Am I really such a fickle fan?



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Not your brother’s bag: designer tennis bags for women

Tennis players

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Tennis has come a long way since the 1800s and so has tennis fashion. Some women may think that they have to lug around the nylon and "brand emblazoned" tennis bags designed for their male counterparts because fashion and dollar signs seem to go hand-in-hand. 

But hear this: Not all fashion has to cost a entire month's salary. 

There is a wide range of fashionable tennis bags for women, designed to fit our needs (and our bodies). From high-end Italian leather to easily affordable UV treated canvas. Each company that makes ladies tennis bags has their own interpretation of what they want their customers to experience when they walk on the court with their bag.

Average price of a Cortiglia tennis tote:  Around $450. 
Ok, so I threw that one in just to make my point. 

The average price of a Court Couture tennis tote or sling: $200
That's already half the cost.

The cost of a Maggie Mather tennis tote or sling: $80
You see where I'm going here.

JetPac has attractive and petite tennis slings for under $50. 

Any good shopper knows that all good things can be found at good prices. The point here is that women CAN do anything men can do, and we don't have to look like men while doing it.

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A Maggie Mather tennis tote can be a powerful ally on the court

I imagine that the woman who carries a Maggie Mather tennis bag wants function and style but she doesn’t want huge lettering all over the bag. She has excellent taste beyond the tote and the tote is the accessory to match how she looks.”  ~ Lynne Burns.

Lynne Burns, owner and designer of Maggie Mather tennis totes for women has no degree in designing, but she comes from a long line of artists and clothing designers and said she knows what she likes.

The very first Maggie Mather bags were golf totes that she sewed by hand. But when golf started to lose popularity, Burns switched her creative attentions to the tennis market. She was no newcomer to the game of tennis; she had been playing since she was a young girl. Making the switch from golf to tennis went over agreeably for her.

“You can spend hours on the golf course, but with the way people have so little time these days, tennis is a fast game, it’s good exercise and great social interaction,” she said.

As with all Maggie Mather bags, the clean lines and elegant colors appeal to the tastes of the creator.

“The design reflects how I like things, not cluttered,” she said. “The important thing is that people enjoy the colors. That makes us feel really good.”

A new Maggie Mather tennis racquet bag came out this year. The “violin case” racquet bag holds up to three racquets and comes in macaw green or fuchsia with black and white zebra lining. A pewter version with pink and white zebra lining will be available in October. 

“We love bright colors and the zebra lining,” Burns said. “I love looking in a bag and seeing something fun pop out at you.”

Not only are Maggie Mather tennis totes and racquet bags attractive and fun. The price is attractive, too. The simple and practical design of these tennis bags drives down the cost of production without losing any necessary features. 

Here is a tennis blogger who fell in love with the Maggie Mather fuchsia tennis tote and even attributes her performance on the court to the bag. We all know the power of a great purchase!

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SuperCombi Horror

I have done my fair share of research into ladies tennis bags. They are changing the face of women’s tennis by allowing women to feel like women no matter how much tennis gear they have to carry. 

Top brands, like Wilson and Babolat have taken men’s 3-pac and 6-pac men’s bags, printed the logo in pink and called it a women’s bag. Not quite the revolution I’m talking about. There are totes, slings and messenger bags in abundant supply, now on the market. 

I recently had an opportunity to photograph my college’s No. 1 double team. As I sat along the post line, between the two courts waiting for both teams to meet and announce the lineup, I was horrified by the large 12-pac bags these women were carrying. These SuperCombi tennis bags were as large as some of the girls and probably weighed more. 

I understand college sports may not have the concern with style and fashion that club players may have, but there should be some consideration for practicality. 

The high-fashion bags of Cortiglia, Court Couture or even Cherri-T may not have a place at some levels of tennis. Perhaps these girls may think they need to carry a well known name or a serious looking bag to be taken seriously on the court.

To those girls, I suggest Prince’s Tour Team Tote. The bag has the huge Prince letters, boldly displayed on the front of the bag. It carries two to three racquets and still has tons of room for extra clothing, water bottles and anything else one might need for an away game.

If a tote just doesn’t send the message they are looking for, there are racquet bags designed with the female frame in mind. The women’s Combi, from Head carries up to four racquets and is still compact enough to not dwarf these women.

Tennis has been a sport dominated by men, until recently. As more women make a name for themselves among the top ranks, we will see an increasing amount of designers making tennis bags exclusively for women. 

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