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Wilson Tennis Bags: What To Look For When Picking A Backpack Model


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The idea of a backpack conjures up notions of a simplistic bag with little room for anything else but a couple of tennis racquets and a towel. While there are certainly backpacks like that on the market, the backpack models of Wilson tennis bags offer a lot of choices for many different types of players. 

First let's look at what a back pack cannot provide. If you are a more intense player who likes to break strings and go through several racquets over the course of a weekend, backpacks are not for you. If you are going on a long trip, whether by car or plane and your tennis bag is likely to be crammed in a tight space, you probably would not want to use a backpack to carry your racquets with the handles exposed. 

Where backpacks can be useful is in situations where the time spent actually playing tennis is relatively limited in duration, maybe to play for an hour or two after school or work. You need something to carry a couple of racquets, books or accessories. and you may even need some of the features found in the larger models of Wilson tennis bags, but you don't need to accommodate an extended trip to the courts. 

Space constraints are also a huge factor in choosing a backpack. You may commute by bicycle or have to put your bag under a desk or chair or in a small locker. You may also, for whatever reason, need a hands-free bag to carry your tennis gear as you move around throughout the day.  

If any of the above conditions apply to you, then a backpack is the most sensible option. The question you have to ask yourself is, “What kind of backpack is best for me?”

When it comes to Wilson tennis bags, the variety of backpack models can satisfy many different types of players. 

If you seek a fashionably styled backpack that fits well within a hectic lifestyle, the Trento or Milan models are for you. Both come with a separate smaller cosmetic bag and provide room to store two racquets. They also provide pockets to store small items like cell phones and MP3 players and even have a key ring clip. The Trento comes in a distressed brown on black pattern while the Milan is beige with brown trim. 

Competitive players should consider either the Tour or BLX Tour backpacks, which have a ThermoGuard lining to protect racquets from heat damage. With a height of 30 inches, these are also the largest models and have the most storage capacity in the backpack line of Wilson tennis bags. 

Since backpacks are often a good solution for students, many of whom live on a tight budget, affordability may well trump all other considerations in choosing a backpack. The US Open  and Pro Staff backpacks are the best choices. These are simple bags that hold two racquets, have a main compartment for clothing or books and small compartments to hold small items like keys, wallets or MP3 players. 

If you still want a simplistic backpack model and are willing to spend a few more dollars to help support a worthy cause, the HOPE backpack may be for you. Wilson has pledged to contribute $100,000 plus one percent of the proceeds from the sale of any HOPE tennis bag to fund the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This backpack comes only in pink and may well be a more affordable choice for women seeking a stylish bag than the Trento or Milan. 

Gone are the days when getting a backpack meant sacrificing features and getting less in a bag. Whether you need a backpack to make a fashion statement, have some of the features of larger technically designed bags, support a worthy cause or do none of these things at all, the backpack line of Wilson tennis bags has something for everyone. 

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