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Head YouTek tennis racquet review

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Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Tennis racquet reviews have many parts: an overview of the technology, a detailed outline of the racquet’s playability and who would do well with that particular racquet.

A review of the tennis racquet’s technology is important, but that information can be found on product websites. From experience, I can say that some companies are better at sharing that information than others, but it can be found.

The meat of a tennis racquet review is the description of playability. The best reviews address particulars like ground strokes, serves/overheads, volleys and spin, in detail. Players need to know before they get out on the court if their racquet is going to hold up under their kind of game, or if it is going to miserably fail.

Tennis racquet rating systems are designed to help different levels of players select the right racquet, but confirmation from a pro, or teaching pro makes all the difference.

After scouring for quite a while, I found a Head YouTek tennis racquet review that meets all of these criteria. I plan on checking into this site regularly to see what else they review.

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