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Wimbledon White tennis bags


I seem to be stuck on this topic of the Wimbledon white. I tweeted about my musings and got several replies about the tradition of the tournament. That seems to be where I am getting caught up, show of tradition.


Tradition is a strange beast. On one hand it is the stubborn old dog that refuses to learn new tricks, and in this sense should be abhorred and abolished. But on the other hand, Tradition is the pure white hare, traveling down the rabbit’s hole of our memories, keeping them alive.


I am starting to see the Wimbledon as the latter, this throw back to the 18th century, this tribute to the purity of the sport and this clinging on to simpler times when the game slower and more of a graceful display.


Now technology has made tennis a faster and harder sport, as evidenced in the female trend of grunting and yelping during matches. And as a child of this generation, I am thrilled by the new advancements and lap up the technical specs as fast as the new racquets come out.


I am encouraged by the feminine movement for more than just fashion apparel. I love watching both the men and the women sport new lines of clothing and smartly combined colors. I say bring on the new era of tennis where the equipment is as competitive as the athletes.


Then … Wimbledon. Grass and white.


Grass I can understand as a true test of skill. The ball bounces softer and the players have to move faster. The cream really rises to the top on a court made of grass, even though the upkeep is horrendous and the rain days are hard to endure.


The all white clothing is what catches my attention. I did some research and found a few great articles that discuss the tradition of Wimbledon. And that is when I also saw the all white, Limited edition Head tennis bag carried by Andy Murray.


Ok, that hit my soft spot. Now I see how this game of white can fold so neatly into my competitive nature. Or is it just the combination of a novelty tennis bag and my favorite player. Am I really such a fickle fan?



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