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Tips to keep in mind when shopping for a tennis ball machine

Tennis ball

Image by Lemsipmatt via Flickr

The advantages of tennis ball machines are countless, but getting the right machine can determine how many of those advantages you are able to realize.

Having the luxury to practice without a partner can increase the number of hours you spend perfecting your strokes, not to mention that the machine won’t complain if you send the ball sailing repeatedly into the nether reaches of the court while mastering that winning move. Coaches and teaching pros who utilize tennis ball machines can devote more of their attention to the player who needs the practice and not have to worry about getting the ball over the net and in the right spot with the right spin, especially on those off days.

Tennis ball machines vary widely in portability, function and size. Whether you are a home court owner, a team coach or a teaching pro, this great article suggests some practical tools to take with you while searching for the machine that is going to fit you, and your needs, just right.

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