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The art of choosing the right tennis racquet

Choosing the right racquet for your individual playing style can be a confusing and misleading process. The racquet you started playing with may not be the right racquet for you this season, especially if all of your long hours on the court have paid off and your skill level has risen. Different weights, lengths and beam width are all meant for different levels of control and power. While no one likes to blame a difficult game on their racquet, there is some truth to the matter. Playing with a racquet designed for control, when you are ready to play with power, could mean the difference between a win and a loss.

The Do It Tennis website features and easy to use racquet selector, but this great article demystifies the reason behind the madness.


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I am a tennis-loving journalist who has decided to make it my job to find the best information on the web relating to tennis products and supplies. Gathering this information for your convenience can save hours of weeding through product endorsements and gimmicks (hours that I myself have had to endure). I have interviewed owners and manufacturers, including, but not limited to: Jill LaCorte of Cortiglia, Liz Waggoner of 40 Love Courture and Lynne Burns of Maggie Mather. I will continue to seek out owners, designers and manufacturers of all the top names in tennis and share that information with you here.

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